February 3, 2022

Day 4: God Rules

Read Psalms, Chapters 7-8.

Each of our six kids have shown defiance and a stubborn will at different times growing up. They must have gotten these qualities from their mother. Some have shown more defiance than others. One of our daughters was especially defiant when she was little. One time my wife told her to do something and she replied, "I won't, and you better watch your attitude". She was only three years old. We were fairly convinced she would be that rebellious pastor's kid we've all heard about. But we were patient yet firm with her and she has grown into a godly young woman. Though she still has a bit of a stubborn streak. Again, it must come from her mother. I can't imagine where else she'd get it from. Can you imagine if we just let her do whatever she wanted or let her say whatever she wanted? Can you imagine if we had no rules for her to follow when she was young and strong-willed? I can tell you, it would not be a pretty sight. Because of our love for her, we disciplined her when she needed it and had rules she needed to follow. She had to know that she wasn't in charge. In Psalm 7, we are reminded that we are not in charge. That God is the judge and ruler of the world and each of us will be accountable to Him with our actions. In the context of chapter 7, it was a source of comfort to David knowing that God would deal with his enemies. We should be comforted knowing God will right the wrongs done to us. But it's also a sober reminder that we too answer to God. The only right way to live is to let the Ruler rule our lives.

Chapter 8 is a reminder of why we should hand over the reigns of our lives to God. It's because He is majestic. He begins and ends the psalm with that reminder. To be majestic is to be "excellent, mighty, powerful". There is no one like our God. He is over all and so much greater than all. Yet, vs. 4-5 says that He's mindful of us, He cares for us. And if that wasn't enough, He has crowned us with glory and honor above the rest of creation. He has called us to rule the earth on His behalf. Are you kidding me? The God that created the world with His words, who knows every star by name, decided to use us to rule and care for His creation. So here's a summary of chapters 7-8: God rules the world (ch. 7) and has called us to help rule the earth (ch. 8). We are to reflect God's righteous leadership in our own lives. Would our family say we lead in a righteous way? How about the people we work with? When we submit to the righteous reign of our majestic God, righteousness will flow out of our lives.

How well are you submitting to God? Remember, Jesus died for our sins, so we can confess the ways we aren't submitted and experience the Lord's forgiveness.

In what ways can you lead more righteously the people God's placed in your life?

Prayer for the day: "Righteous Ruler, thank you that you are mindful of us. That you care deeply for us. Though you are above us, you choose to also be by us. We are unworthy of your presence in our lives but have made it possible by the shed blood of Jesus. Thank you and may I lead righteously in gratitude for all you've done. In Jesus name, amen."

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