February 2, 2022

Day 3: How to Whip Your Enemies

Read Psalms, Chapters 5-6.


Popeye had Brutus. Superman had Lex Luther. Rocky Balboa had Apollo Creed. And then there was David. Before he became king he had Goliath. And then to ascend to the throne he had King Saul. All of these are examples of individuals who had enemies. It seemed David had enemies all his life. Even his own son, as we saw in yesterday’s devotional. You may or may not be able to identify enemies in your own life. Perhaps you don't have enemies, but my guess is that you do have someone in your life that annoys you. Or someone you work with that you try to avoid. Or maybe there's someone in your life right now that causes you to get a pit in your stomach every time you're going to see them.


I think Psalm 5-6 gives us some good encouragement for dealing with the difficult people in our lives. I think David shows us how we can entrust our enemies to God. In chapter 5 we see three ways to entrust our enemies to God. First, we bring the hurts of the relationship to God in prayer (vs. 1-3, 7-8). Express to Him how you feel. Ask Him to intervene. Second, remember that God will right all wrongs in His timing (vs. 4-6, 9-10). Remember that it is God who will ultimately serve as "Judge and Jury". Release the person to Him. And third, take time each day to celebrate God under the protection of His "shield" (vs. 11-12). I know no greater protection from fear, worry and pain than developing a daily attitude of gratitude. Many of David's psalms were songs of praise, even amidst the attacks of his enemies. So you about you? Will you entrust your enemies to God?


How well are you entrusting your enemies to God?


Will you take time this week to bring your hurtful relationships to God? How will you take time this week to remember God is "Judge and Juror" and how will you rejoice in His protection? 

Prayer for the Day: "Lord, today I entrust my enemies to you. Under your shield I come for protection. Father, you are so worthy of praise, help me to remember to lift high your name even when I'm going through difficulties with others. Thank you God, that I never have to worry about you wronging me in any way. I love you Lord. Amen."
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