Uncaged Bible Ministry
February 5, 2022

Day 6: I Can Only Imagine

Read Psalms 10-11.

Recently our family watched the movie "I Can Only Imagine". It's based on the true story of Bart Millard, lead singer for MercyMe. The movie tells the story behind the hit song "I Can Only Imagine". Bart grew up with an emotionally and physically abusive father. His mom left when he was young. Bart snuggled for many years with the pain of a dysfunctional home life. He struggled to forgive his dad. His dad ended up getting pancreatic cancer. But God uses it to get ahold of Bart's dad. And God uses it to get ahold of Bart as well. The two reconciled as Bart took care of his dad until his death. It's out of this painful yet redemptive season of life that Millard wrote the song "I Can Only Imagine". And it's such a picture of the gloriously messy reality of life this side of heaven. We are constantly reminded and affected by the curse of sin in this world. We will experience pain and hurt and yet out of that comes incredible stories of God's extravagant grace. Like the forgiveness of a father who spent most of his life as an abuser. And the greatest part is that there will be a day when all we will experience is perfection. Perfect place, perfect people, loving and serving a perfect God. I can only imagine.

In Psalm 10, David is praying to God, asking Him to deal with the sinfulness of evil men. And yet, even in the midst of his hurt and frustration, David reminds himself in v. 16 that, "The LORD is king forever and ever". And because of that, David could say in Psalm 11:1, "In the LORD I take refuge". And David looked beyond the here and now in v. 4, "The LORD is in his holy temple; the LORD's throne is in heaven". And ends the psalm beautifully with these words in v. 7: "For the LORD is righteous; he loves righteous deeds; the upright shall behold his face." That's the ultimate source of hope in the difficulties of this world. That we will one day behold the face of God. And it's not because we are righteous. It's because Jesus died for our unrighteousness and made us righteous in God's eyes through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Now that's extravagant grace. I close with this encouragement from Bart Millard's song... Surrounded by Your glory. What will my heart feel? Will I dance for You Jesus or in awe of You be still? Will I stand in Your presence or to my knees, will I fall? Will I sing hallelujah? Will I be able to speak at all? I can only imagine. I can only imagine.

Are there some painful things you're facing right now in your life? Are you taking time to bring them to God?

Are you taking time each day to remember and be encouraged about your eternal home? If not, take some time this week.

Prayer for the day: "Good and gracious Father, I think you that you are a perfect Father who will never hurt me nor forsake me. You are for me and you are for your glory. I can take refuge in you. And I thank you that some day I will stand in the light of your glory for all eternity. May the Spirit of God encourage my soul this week with that truth. Amen."

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