April 27, 2022

Day 53: King Of The Court

Read Psalm 98-99

Our home has become the gathering spot for the neighborhood kids. They're good kids and we enjoy having them around. It's not unusual to get home from the office to find a dozen kids playing in our front yard. Most of the time, a few of them are playing basketball. From time to time, I 'll jump in and play. And it makes me feel pretty good about my skills. Blocking the shots of ten your olds and dunking over them. Well, dunking when we lower the rim to 7 foot. I don't mean to brag but I'm the "king of the court"!

But imagine for a second that someone pulls up in their car right in the middle of the game, as I'm dominating those adolescents. And it's no other than LeBron James. He asks if he can play. Of course we all say "Yes". And he plays all out. He's playing like it's the NBA championship. And he's on the other team. And we're guarding each other. How do you think that's gonna go? You really don't even need to see me play to know the answer. It would be, to say the least, a very humbling experience.

We are so prone to compare ourselves with others. And this can sometimes be the case in our spiritual walk as well. We compare ourselves with some and think, "I'm not perfect but I'm way more spiritual than...". Spiritual pride can creep into the heart of any of us.

Want to be appropriately humbled? Enter into the "King's court". The theme of Psalm 99 is God's holiness. Holiness means "to be set apart". God is above and beyond any created being. Verse 5 says, "Exalt the LORD our God; worship at his footstool! Holy is he!"

A footstool is the place you lay your feet. It's not as valuable a piece of furniture as a couch or chair. And in Bible times, being near feet or touching them was considered dishonorable. Cleaning feet was for the lowliest of servants. That's why Jesus' washing of the disciples feet was so shocking.

When the psalmist says to worship at God's footstool, it means to come in humility and acknowledge He is so much greater than us. Based on other Scriptures, it's also a reminder that God in heaven is of greater worth than our life on earth. Yet He loves us anyways and allows us to have entrance into His courts.

Humbly come and worship the King. As we compare our lives to His holiness may it motivate us to pursue holiness. As 1 Peter 1:15 puts it, "but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct".

Are you regularly coming in humility into the presence of God?

Are you pursuing holiness in your daily life? What's one area of life you can pray for holiness in?

Prayer for the day: "God, I am humbled in your holy presence. Thank you for allowing me to approach your throne. Make me holy as you are holy. Because of Jesus, amen."

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