April 10, 2022

Day 48: Duct Tape

Read Psalm 89

If you're a child of the 80's, like I was, then you would instantly know a guy known only by his last name... MacGyver. He's the fictional character from the show bearing his name. MacGyver was a military guy who carried a Swiss Army knife everywhere he went instead of a gun. He also always had his trusted duct tape with him, along with some paper clips. He was know for his ingenuity in getting out of any jam with just those items.

I recently saw a meme that had a picture of MacGyver, with his glorious 80's mullet, and a caption on top that read, "You think I can't fix it with duct tape?" And at the bottom of the picture, "Do you even know who I am?" Duct tape got some free marketing out of that show. Whenever I think about MacGyver, I think, "Duct tape will get me out of just about any problem".

You need something to stick together, that you know won't rip apart, it's duct tape. I remember when my boys made wallets out of duct tape years ago. I think they may still have them. That's duct tape for you. You know it will stick. All that to say, today's psalm is a reminder of "stickiness". And it comes in the form of two words mentioned seven times in this psalm... steadfast love.

The psalmist is Ethan. He was a singer in King David's court who was known for his wisdom (1 Kings 4:31). He reflects in this psalm how God's steadfast love has provided for His people, in particular, King David. Steadfast means "firmly fixed; immovable; not subject to change". That's God's love for us! He sticks with us even in our worst moments. His love is unfailing, it's immovable.

Even towards the end of the psalm, Ethan was struggling to understand why the nation was experiencing defeat if God loved them. But he never wavered in being awed by God’s love. He ends the psalm with, "Blessed be the LORD forever!" (v. 52). You don't always have to get what's going in life to believe by faith that His love for you is steadfast, it's immovable. So even in the challenging seasons, bless the Lord. He will never give up on you. He sticks by you.

How has God demonstrated His steadfast love in your life?

What is a way you can bless the Lord this week?

Prayer for the day: "Lord, I don't deserve your steadfast love, yet you give it to me anyways. Thank you for always sticking with me and refusing to abandon me even in my worst moments. I love you Lord. Thank you for showing your love by sending Jesus to the cross on my behalf. Amen."

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