March 23, 2022

Day 44: Donkey Kong

Read Psalm 81-82

I remember when I was ten years old and it was Christmas time and I so badly wanted the Coleco Donkey Kong Tabletop Arcade game. When my dad would go off to work, there was about a half hour gap before I had to catch the school bus. And so when he'd leave, I'd pick up a present that looked like it could possibly be the arcade game. And I'd shake it. Well, after a few days of this, I couldn't take it anymore. I opened up the present, and sure enough, it was Donkey Kong! I carefully pulled it out of the box and played it before the bus came. I then put it back and rewrapped it. I know, I was a pagan sinner!

I remember on Christmas morning when I opened up the present, there wasn't the same excitement there should have been. It was because I wasn't patient and I behaved in a way I shouldn't have. In Psalm 81 you have a reference to a time God gave a "gift" to the nation of Israel, but because of their impatience, it wasn't as special as it could have been. The reference is found at the end of v. 7: "I tested you at the waters of Meribah."

You can read the whole account in Exodus 17. God had brought the people out of slavery in Egypt. He was providing for them as they made their way to the Promised Land. As it says in v. 7, God tested them. He did this by not providing water for a period of time. To say the least, the people failed the test. They failed to be patient and wait on God. They quarreled with Moses and grumbled before God. They failed to wait well.

How about us, do we wait on God well? Or do we try to take matters into our own hands (like I did with the arcade game)? Do we complain when God is taking too long for us? How gracious is our God. Despite not waiting well, He still miraculous provided water through a rock. What a gracious God we serve.

What is something you are waiting on? Are you waiting well?

Are you taking time to give thanks for His grace in your life? Think about all the times He provided even when your actions didn't deserve it.

Prayer for the day: "Lord, forgive me for the times I do not wait on you well. Help me trust you more. Thank you for showing so much grace to me. Amen."

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