March 22, 2022

Day 43: Winter Blues

Read Psalm 79-80

The older I get the more I dislike winter. I don't mind winter in December. It goes well with Christmas. But I live in Northern Indiana. And it's cold and snowy in January, February, and March. I've even seen it snow in April here. That's just wrong. I so miss the sun those months. I even bought a sun lap to fight off the "Winter Blues" but that didn't really help. This past winter I planned two trips. One to Florida and one to South Carolina. At least I'd get a few weeks of bright sun. Nope. Cold and rainy on both trips. Today is actually unseasonably warm and sunny. It's amazing how much a little sunshine can change your countenance. 

You could say that the psalmist was experiencing some "Winter Blues" in Psalm 79-80. In chapter 79 he talks about how the other nations are defeating God's people and taunting them about it. In chapter 80 Asaph reminds God that He was the One who brought them to their land and pleads with them to re-establish them and pour out His blessing on them. And on three different occasions in the chapter the psalmist prays: "Restore us, O God of hosts, let your face shine, that we may be saved!" (v. 3, 7, and 19)

Perhaps you're experiencing some "Winter Blues". Maybe it''s experiencing the consequences of some sinful choices you've made. Are maybe it's the sinful actions of others against you. Or maybe it's just some trial you're facing but you don't know why. We all experience seasons of winter in our lives. If it's the result of sin, seek repentance and experience the joy that comes from the weight of sin being lifted. If it's trials and the result of others actions, stay the course and daily pray Asaph's prayer: "O God of hosts, let your face shine". Winter will soon pass. Stay the course. The sun will return.

How are you experiencing some "Winter Blues" in your life? Write out "O God of hosts, let your face shine" on an index card. Keep with you this week as a reminder that winter will eventually pass.

Is there any sin to confess? Is there a friend who could help you pray for God to shine His face shine on you again?

Prayer of the day: "Heavenly Father, I know that difficult seasons are part of life on earth. Help me to endure by faith. And Lord, I do ask that you let your face shine upon me. Help me experience the joy of the Lord today. Amen."

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