March 2, 2022

Day 31: A Woman, Both Young and Old

Read Psalm 58-59

Perhaps you have seen the famous optical illusion "My Wife and My Mother-in-Law". It's a drawing that depicts both an old woman who is looking to her left and yet it's also a young woman looking away, over her right shoulder. Same picture but two different pictures that people see. For the record, the first time I saw the picture, I saw the young woman. It must mean I'm young at heart!

You know, two different people can read the same Bible and yet come away with very different "pictures" of what God is like. And some of that can be contributed to one's religious upbringing. For some, they see a gracious and loving Father who's there to help them in their Christian walk. Others see a holy and righteous God who expects holiness from His people. And in reality, both views are correct.

Today in Psalm 58-59 we see a view of God that we may not often think about. It's God as judge and avenger. In fact, David's words may have shocked some in v. 10 of chapter 58: "The righteous will rejoice when he sees the vengeance; he will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked." Those are very strong words. Doesn't seem like something a loving Christian would say. Yet David was described as a man after the heart of God.

The truth is, God is a God who will judge and He will avenge the righteous by punishing the wicked. In fact, when Jesus comes again, it says in Revelation 19:13, that He will come "clothed in a robe dipped in blood". Jesus will execute judgment on the wicked. God will right all wrongs. Rejoice in that. This is part of who God is. And at the same time, may this truth motivate us to share Christ with those who do not know Him. You do not want to be on the wrong side of God's judgment.

How does it make you feel to know that God will judge and He will avenge? How is this a source of comfort?

Who is someone in your life who doesn't know Jesus as Lord and Savior? Take time to pray for their salvation today.

Prayer for the day: "My God and my Avenger, I praise you that you will protect me and that you will judge righteously. Thank you that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. In the name of Jesus, amen."

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