February 11, 2022

Day 12: Looking Back Can Help Us Move Forward

Read Psalm 21-22

Victor Hugo powerfully described the battle of Sedan, where the German army conquered the French in 1870. He wrote: "In the midst of the terrible plain I saw thee, O Thou Invisible One." Oliver Cromwell once wrote: "What is all our histories, but God showing himself, shaking and trampling on everything that he has not planted." These quotes are a reminder that history is really "His story". God is sovereign and will ultimately accomplish His will. This was something that David leaned into for comfort and courage when facing the enemies of God.

In Psalm 21 you see David rejoice at how God has blessed him, his army and the people of God. When you get to chapter 22, instead of a rejoicing king, you see a weary king. He is deeply concerned, and you even hear him accusing God of forsaking him. But then David does something really important. It's something we can learn from when are facing those times in our lives when it feels like God isn't listening, isn't responding to our pleas for help. He looked back on history, and it renewed his strength.

In vs. 3-5, he recounted how God has faithfully watched over his forefathers. And then in vs. 9-11, he recounts how God has been faithful over the years in his own life. And then you see David spend the rest of the psalm praising and trusting in God. What a contrast to how he began the chapter. And what a great lesson for us. When we are struggling to trust God, all we have to do is look back and recount all the ways that God has shown up in our lives to guide us and protect us. Will you take time this week to reflect on the goodness of God in your life over the years? Remember, looking back can help us move forward.

How are you intentionally taking time to recount all that God has done for you in your past?

If you are struggling with feeling that God has forsaken you, take time to pray over your struggles and then take time to sing songs of worship to him.

Prayer for the day: "Our Savior and our King, I know that you are in control of all things. I know that you are sovereign and so I can trust fully in you. Help me not grow weary when I face obstacles in my life. I praise you God because you love me and you provide for me and protect me. Thank you. Amen."

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